Pub History 

There has been a pub or a smithy on the site for over 400 years so we have a lot of pub history! The Norfolk Public Houses website lists the first licensee as William Groom in 1789. For many years the pub was called The Horseshoes or The Three Horseshoes and then in the 1970s its name changed to The John H Stracey, after the famous boxer, with whom the then landlord, had a professional relationship. Now the pub has been brought up-to-date and the name returned to The Three Horseshoes, with the aim of serving the local community and appealing to a wider public with an emphasis on good food and hospitality. Pay us a visit soon and discover the pub history for yourself.


A garden dream becomes a reality

Tamara Bridge's well conceived design was developed by Bure Valley Landscapes. Chris Catt and his team painstakingly laid every path and terrace, built each 
pergola and helped Tamara plant the beds. It took over six months to complete the work and we are very pleased with the outcome. Here are just a few of
the pictures that show the journey as the garden was created. There were a few challenges that Chris had to overcome and we want to thank him for all his
hard work and perseverance.

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